Partner With Us

Are you looking to maximise returns from your residential property? Join hands with Ahuja Residences and find the best use for your vacant property.
Ahuja residences looks after your house as its own. We design, furnish and lease it to our commercial associates for long-term stays so that you can enjoy the rent and while we take care of everything else.

  • Lease your property to us for a fixed rent
  • Enter into a franchise arrangement where we can set up the property for you and train you to manage it competently and professionally,
  • Let us market and manage the property for you

If you are an owner & want to partner with us  READ FAQ.

Qualify Your Property
The first step begins with qualifying the property as per the location and community standards, which revolve around security, safety, and hospitality standards.
Offer for guaranteed rent
Estimate how much you can earn, and we will do all the research you need to determine your property's rental.
Sign master lease
Sign a lease with us and you assured of two years rent, come what may.
Furnishing & decor
Our team of interior designers chooses and buys all the furnishings, appliances and accessories required to make your estate a perfect fit for our highly screened tenants.
High quality residents
Through relationships with major businesses, we discover the ideal residents. To make sure they take care of your estate, we screen each resident.
Professional cleaning & maintenance
Ahuja Residences takes care of any resident's problem. We wash your house regularly and fix any harm caused by any tenant at no extra price to the proprietor.
24/7 Owner
We’re available 24/7 to reply to your enquiries
and address any worries you may face.